Wojciak Summary

On October 4, 2013, the Denton County Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement officials  were notified that rumors were being circulated throughout the Krum area that William Casimir Wojciak (w/m 05/04/1995) and Dylan Coffin (w/m 06/27/1996) may have been planning a mass shooting at the Krum Homecoming.  Investigators located and detained both subjects for the safety of the community and began an investigation. 

During the investigation, investigators discovered that the Hooper’s family residence, located at 14813 FM 1173, had burned down on October 2, 2013 and numerous guns were missing from the residence.  Investigators responded to the residence and spent several days assisting with sifting through the debris and found evidence that the fire had been an intentional act.  Investigators determined that Wojciak had been bragging to people that he was responsible for burning the house down and received information that he had burns on his arms.  Investigators followed up on that information and information from various other sources. They interviewed numerous witnesses and established probable cause to arrest Wojciak.  Initially, an arrest warrant was issued for Wojciak for Burglary of a Habitation with the Intent to Commit a Felony Offense (Arson). 

 On October 16, 2013, Investigators and Deputies responded to Wojciak’s residence to place him under arrest for the outstanding warrant.  Investigators attempted to make contact at the door, but Wojciak, who was inside his residence, refused to answer the door for approximately thirty minutes.  There was concern that Wojciak was armed so investigators began calling for additional personnel to assist in serving the warrant.  Wojciak, who was communicating with persons outside the residence, learned that additional personnel were en route, and he finally came to the front door.  Investigators cleared the residence for officer safety purposes and located Dylan Coffin inside the residence.  Investigators detected a strong smell of narcotics inside the Wojciak residence, so after securing the residence, Investigators exited the residence and obtained a search warrant for the residence.  While executing the search warrant Investigators located a large amount of synthetic cannabinoids (commonly referred to as K2), which is a controlled substance that falls under penalty group 2A, in Wojciak’s bedroom.  Wojciak was arrested for the outstanding warrant. 

 Once Investigators reviewed the facts of the case concerning the Hooper’s residence, they presented three cases to the Denton County District Attorney’s Office.  The cases presented were Arson of a Habitation (a 1stdegree felony) for burning down the Hooper’s residence; Burglary of a Habitation (a 2nd degree felony) for forcefully entering the Hooper’s residence with the intent to commit a theft, and Cruelty to Non-Livestock Animals/Torture (a state jail felony) for intentionally setting the Hooper’s dog on fire. The dog had been outside the residence and evidence suggests Wojciak placed an accelerant on the dog.  A Denton County Grand Jury indicted Wojciak on all three counts.  At this time Wojciak is being held on a total bond of $903,000, which includes the narcotics charge related to the day of his arrest, and two cases he had been charged with prior to the arson.  Investigators are still reviewing additional burglaries in the Krum area and may file additional charges on Wojciak later.

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